DV Lab is a consultant and provider of NANOtechnologies and Graphene






NANOtechnology can provide many advantages in industrial processes and gives the possibility to improve the chemical and physical characteristics of polymeric materials, paints, coatings, and lubricants.
At DV Labs, we help to find innovative solutions, developing customized products and providing nano-composite materials.
Our corporate objective includes R&D, designing, production and selling of new nanostructured materials and Graphene for all the following industries: mechanical, automotive, chemical, aeronautics, and electronics.




Our Services

DV Lab is able to provide a complete characterization and problem-solving service, regarding NANOmaterials and Graphene-based products.
The technicians’ skills and the equipment available, allow us to provide full support to customers who wish to fully understand the composition and the properties of their materials, verify the quality of supplies and of technical solutions from R&D.
Please contact us for more information about the available services and to introduce us to your questions or custom idea.