Engine and gearbox oil additive for sporty vehicles
NANO Additive Racing Oil is an oil additive with a high level of technology, which has been formulated and optimized for road vehicles.
We recommend to use it each time you change the engine and the gearbox oil in order to protect the engine from wear and enhance performance.
The NANOstructuring of the lubricant reduces indeed the direct contact between surfaces and increases the chemical and mechanical resistance of the oil.
All this translates into greater efficiency of the lubricant resulting in better performance, a reduction of consumption and an increase in the duration of the oil.
It is particularly recommended for powerful or elaborated gasoline race vehicles, both rally and off-road, such as cars, motorbikes, quads, snowmobiles and racing boats.


Main features


Fields of Use:
- Internal combustion engine (Cars, Motorcycles, and Trucks).
- Car gearboxes, Speed Reducers, Mechanical gearboxes and all lubricating mechanical parts.
- Suitable for two strokes mixture (kart up to 6%).


Recommended Dosage:
- Motorcycles: 20 ml per liter of oil lubricant.
- All Motor vehicles: 30 ml per liter of oil lubricant.
- Other lubricating mechanical parts for industrial application: 20 ml per liter of oil lubricant.


Storage and Shelf Life:
NANO Additive Racing Oil must be stored at a temperature between +5°C and +50°C in order to maximize the shelf life of the product, which at this condition is 6 months (unopened package).
Do not leave the container open and do not let the product freezing.


NANO Additive Racing Oil is supplied in 250ml bottles.