High-performance engine coolant
NANO Cooling Fluid is a refrigerating fluid with a high level of technology that is able to provide great control levels on operational temperatures.
It completely replaces the coolant.
It guarantees better performances compared to the usual refrigerating fluid (ethylene glycol) and it overcomes its disadvantages.
For these reasons, we recommend using NANO Cooling Fluid on every road and industrial vehicle and especially on powerful and elaborated vehicles for tracks, racing, rally and off-road.
It can be used as a coolant for electronic systems circuits.
NANO Cooling Fluid has a high speed and heat exchange capacity due to the Brownian motion of the nanoparticles.
Furthermore, the nanoparticles allow obtaining a high number of Nusselt and the skin friction coefficient, which increase the heat exchange properties by convection compared to those of conduction.


Main features


Tips for the best results:
Temperature range in a closed circuit: -34°C / +160°C
The fluid should be changed within 24 months at the latest according to the use, in order not to affect its performance.



Storage and Shelf Life
NANO Cooling Fluid must be stored at a temperature between +5°C and +50°C in order to maximize the shelf life of the product, which at this condition is 12 months (unopened package).
Do not leave the container open and do not let the product freezing.



NANO Cooling Fluid is supplied in 2 or 5 liters bottles, to be directly used in the radiators without any dilution (ready to use product).